Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Team Set: 1979 Los Angeles Dodgers (13 Cards)

Why did I choose to create the Dodger missing cards first ?  Two reasons:

  1. I fell in love with that team in the early 70’s and working on this set brought back great memories
  2. All the missing photos were compiled by my “helpers” and ready to go.


NOTES AND COMMENTS:  The Dave Patterson photo was originally B&W. Lerrin LaGrow’s came from a B&W Phillies team issue glossy.  The Beckwith photo was distorted on purpose when it came off of ebay.  I had to rework the orientation to make it usable.  It still looks like the jersey doesn’t fit the body.  The quality of the Hannahs B&W was so poor that when I tried to colorize it, it wound up looking horrible and grainy.  Finding a good replacement photo that is in color will be what we term a “white Whale”.  Hopefully we will find a better one along the way before the project is complete, so we can add it to the updated set.

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