Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update # 3–Lenny Randle, Charlie Beamon and Jim Lewis

Charlie Beamon’s new card is a colorization from a 1979 program scan.  It was a small photo a bit larger than a thumbnail.

Jim Lewis’ card came from his Spokane minor league photo.

After finding out my original Lenny Randle card had Terry Whitfield’s photo on it I couldn’t live with myself.  Okay, a bit melodramatic here, but it got me on a mission.  It also got Tony and Jim on a mission too, but the best we could come up with was a blueish looking B&W photo issued as a Yankee greats card by the defunct electronics giant The Wiz (in NYC).  We later found a small photo of him standing next to Roy White by the batting cage, but it was too small to use and too expensive ($29.99) to purchase.  The next option was to see if I could find a good photo to do some airbrush/cut & paste magic on.  I found a Seattle Marines photo of him taken in Yankee Stadium.  Perfect photo and perfect location.  Easy to change a Mariner hat color to a Yankee hat color and drop a logo.  Ironically I found a great color shot of Roy White in pinstripes and I cropped out his jersey and dropped it on Len.  I had to airbrush out the George Steinbrenner patch on Roy’s Old Timer’s day jersey + I had to colorize Len’s undershirt to Yankee blue.  Original is below.



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