Thursday, January 9, 2014

Team #2 (of 26)–1979 Montreal Expos (19 Cards)

Les Expos was 2nd up on the rota.  I’m really excited to be managing the Expos for my 4th consecutive season.  It’s been great watching this franchise progress from doormat to contender.  In just 1 season the Expos improved to the tune of 19 additional wins to finish 2 behind the eventual champion Pittsburgh Pirates.  Maybe with a little luck I can get them to their first post season.  In any case 1979 is my reward for getting in on the ground floor 3 seasons ago !  For those of you who are new to ARAIG, that’s the beauty of managing a franchise that has a bright future.  Pay your dues today and in a few seasons you’ll have your shot at it.  I’m going to (hopefully) enjoy this season !


NOTES AND COMMENTS:  I love the “young” Tim Raines photo that Tony sent me.  In just 2 seasons he’s going to be a star.  I’m so glad we found a Rusty Staub photo from his 2nd tenure in Montreal and not from the early 70’s when he was a young guy in his prime.  Who doesn’t love Bill “Spaceman” Lee and that pre-Duck Dynasty beard of his ?  The “White Whale” here is Randy Bass, who was a complete washout in MLB, but a mega star in Japan.  The only photo we could find of him in an Expo uniform was a cropped thumbnail from the team photo, which was not going to cut it for the card.  His whole Expo career spanned just 1 AB in 2 games.  It probably took me more time to create this card than he spent on the field that season !  I basically took his Japan League player photo and copied an Expo cap and jersey over it.  Sounds simple, but it’s not.  Finding a jersey that looks like it fits is hard.  Finding a cap off another player’s photo that is positioned in the right angle and size is another story.  Still, when he gets his 1 or 2 AB’s for me (it better not happen when the AI is managing), I will see him in his Expo uni !

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