Monday, January 20, 2014

Update #1: Baltimore Orioles–1979 Orioles Photo Album

First update for the 1979 set.  I got good news and bad news over the weekend.  The 1978 Baltimore Orioles Photo Album that I bought of ebay arrived on Saturday.  The bad news:  Photos of the stars (Palmer, Murray, Singleton, etc) were ripped out.  Good news:  A rare photo of John Finn and a great shot of Terry Crowley (in orange) were still in tact.  Even better news…the seller refunded my money and didn’t want me to ship it back.  All in all I would call that a tactical win.  In total I was able to add 12 new cards.  10 replace the original cards issued in 1979 and 2 replace the updates that I created in the first go round.  I wish there were more shots with the Orange jerseys.  Full disclosure, I’m partial to those jerseys since my softball team back in the late 80’s / early 90’s wore them.


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