Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update #4–Texas Rangers

The Yearbook purchased off of ebay arrived earlier this week.  I finally had some time to sit down and scan away.  The Fergie Jenkins and Jim Sundberg shots are my favorite.  Those came from full page (8x10) photos.  Great to find a real shot of Gary Gray in a Rangers uni and there were two for Nelson Norman.  Wasn’t sure which I like best, so I’ll leave that up to the Rangers manager.  Judging by the fact that Nelson hit just .222 in 147 games, I’m thinking Texas’ manager isn’t going to want to see him much at all.  The Lyle photo was interesting, because he came over in a trade with the Yanks in the offseason, so they took the photo during Spring Training.  Sparky must have been happy to grow his mutton chops back out, since his former employer (Steinbrenner) wasn’t too keen on facial hair.


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